Beach towels

Beach towels are bigger in size compared to bath towels e.g. Sizes for Beach Towel are 90cm x 180cm and regular bath towels having size is 75cm x 150cm.

Beach towels having low GSM are easy to carry and quick dry on the other side bath towel consist of heavy towel.

Color for Beach Towel

Beach towel comes in bright colors and regular bath towels having dull colors. Companies prefer to make beach towels with yarn-dyed but for the regular bath towel, yarn-dyed is not compulsory.

Also, a bath towel may be woven to achieve absorption or feel very soft whereas a beach towel is just a portable colorful pad between you and the sand.

The beach chair and does not usually use the same quality of cotton staple or loops. It is like different purposes; different materials.


The towels are normally larger, great for snuggling up in when the wind picks up and you are still damp. If you are one of these people who do all the contortions of dressing and undressing at the beach under a towel then a larger beach towel or bath sheet might be better.

Sunscreen and oil are never particularly kind to fabrics and the smell can often linger, despite repeated washes. If you are happy for your bath towel to be like this, then no problem.

Sand does never seem to properly come out of fabrics, so you might not want a reminder of your beach holiday continuing throughout the year when you are using your bath towel.

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